1000 Hour Teacher Training

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For teachers dedicated to raising the bar by being educated to the highest standard of learning.

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We believe that yoga is a powerful form of medicine and that an experienced yoga teacher is a key component in our healthcare network. With our credentials people know that when they have a teacher who is a Registered Yoga Medicine Teacher (RYMT) they can trust that they are in good hands with a teacher who has a deep knowledge and wealth of experience to draw from.

Our 1000hr Master training is a continuation of our 500hr program and is a thorough and rigorous program offering you the highest caliber of training. The duration & depth of this program allows these teachers to have a more finely trained eye to work more closely with their students to create powerful individualized yoga prescriptions.

Our 1000hr program is not a set style or fixed way of teaching but rather a very deep understanding of the body so that the practice can be adapted for anyone, any level or any style. This requires more training to be effective but eventually creates a more powerful teacher who can think for themselves. With our Master training teachers understand the body and the practice at a much deeper level so that they can work with doctors & health care practitioners to support a variety of illnesses & injuries.

For descriptions of the modules and immersions that make up the 1000hr Yoga Medicine teacher training, click here.

The modules and immersions for the 1000hr program are the same as those for the 500hr program (unless otherwise noted), however since there are so many modules and so much information to learn, the 1000hr training allows you to complete more of those modules or even choose to specialize by repeating certain modules and hence deepen your knowledge of the material. In this track you also have a thesis paper to write that allows you to synthesize the information more deeply.

Each module or immersion of the training has an intensive practice component as well as some or all of the following: yoga therapeutics, anatomy, physiology, philosophy, sequencing, assisting/adjusting, holistic health, advanced postures, restorative/yin postures, pranayama, meditation and case studies.

[minti_iconbox icon=”sl-note” style=”9″ title=”Apply On-line” url=”/application”]You must be enrolled in our 500/1000hr program prior to registration in order to attend. To submit an application, click on this box to be taken to our online application page.[/minti_iconbox]
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Program Length & Location

Because this is a Master training it is meant to be done over the course of a several years so that you can incorporate and use the information as you go and get the most out of the training. There is no time restriction to complete the program.

This program is fully customizable by you. You’re welcome to choose your modules and immersions based on the location, date or the content.  This teacher training attracts teachers from all over the world and can be done from anywhere as long as you can attend the trainings you’ve chosen.

To enroll as a Registered Yoga Medicine Teacher (RYMT) you must first complete the 1000hr training program with us and then apply for registration. Because information in the medical world is constantly growing, in order to maintain an active registration and stay listed on our site we require that you complete a minimum of 15hrs of continuing education with us yearly to stay informed and up to date with new material so that we can guarantee the highest level of training in our registered teachers.[/minti_box]

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Requirements & Application Process

The requirements to complete the 1000HR certification include:

  • 500HR Yoga Medicine teacher training certificate
  • 50HRS Case Study & Thesis
  • 450HRS Modules & Immersions.**

**This can include a combination of hours accumulated from our Modules, Immersions and Teacher Intensives. You have the option to repeat Hip, Shoulder & Spine and complete the Yoga for Athletes Module for a specialty in Athletes & Orthopaedics.

We carefully select our applicants so that we can work closely with our teachers to guarantee a higher level of proficiency. Please fill out and submit your application online.[/minti_box]

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Payment Information

Once your one-time application is approved, a $500 deposit will reserve your space in any retreat or modules you choose to enroll in at the time of registration.

Full payment for each module is due in full 90 days prior to the start date (sometimes longer if specifically noted) for that module. Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable, and final payments are non-refundable & non-transferable after the due date.

For immersions, payment is made through the hosting studio.

Payment information for online courses will be available soon.[/minti_box]


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View Calendar[/minti_iconbox][minti_iconbox icon=”sl-grid” style=”5″ class=”explorepad” title=”Curriculum”]Our 500HR and 1000HR curriculum features a variety of topics.

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