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Thank you for joining Yoga Medicine’s course on Yoga for Addiction Recovery. This introductory course is designed for yoga teachers seeking to work with individuals who are already on their journey to separate themselves from addiction and substance abuse. This course is not a replacement for treatment or counseling for someone recovering from addiction. If you are in need of support, please contact a licensed professional. As yoga teachers, our services are best suited when we present ourselves as an adjunctive source of support to someone in recovery, so this course provides an introductory guide to understanding and preparing yourself to teach within the context of an addiction recovery process.

This course is presented in six sections. The first section, Introduction to Addiction and Recovery, builds a foundational framework through which we can understand the definitions and characteristics of addiction. Sections 2-3 provide insight into the stages of substance abuse treatment and recovery which creates a structure for navigating the body-mind stages of withdrawal and detoxification. Section 4 helps you to envision how to build a supportive practice based on the detoxification stage of the recovery group. Sections 5-6 provide sample classes based on Section 4, which illustrates the Instructor’s background on utilizing yoga, meditation, and breathwork to support the body-mind process of substance abuse recovery.

Note that you will need to select “mark as complete” when you finish each lesson. This button can be found under each section’s video. After completing the entire course, you can return to any section for review. The course is yours for lifetime access.

Introduction to Yoga for Addiction Recovery was designed and presented by Lara Ederer, a Seattle-based yoga teacher and Chemical Dependency Professional with a graduate degree in substance abuse counseling. Lara gained her sobriety from alcohol and substances in 2002, and soon after, Lara found herself on a path to provide counseling to others in recovery. She worked for over 12 years in a variety of in-patient, residential, and out-patient treatment settings across a spectrum of age groups. Lara has created yoga programs in three separate in-house treatment programs and one out-patient program. All four of these programs supported the cognitive-behavioral treatments, offering weekly gentle yoga and meditation classes each week to patients learning how to navigate stress relief and coping skills.

Again, thank you for your interest in serving a population of our communities that need the support that we, as yoga teachers, can offer. We are so grateful that you are joining us here.

With gratitude,

Lara Ederer & the Yoga Medicine Team